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Letters from the Editor

Every so often we embark on a project, a journey to explore something that merits a series. Each adventure is gathered into a Letter from the Editor and includes links to all the articles published on that series with photos and links.

Each letter is a work in progress with more and more added until the adventure is completed. So if you’re interested in a project in progress, revisit that letter for updates.

In search of culinary delights in New Mexico, and pretty things along the way.

A week and a half exploring the culinary life of New Mexico we came across quite a few savory surprises.  And if you expected that New Mexican food is only about foods like tacos and enchiladas, you’d be mistaken. What we didn't know was everything else that was in store for us from art to aprons to plants. 

creating recipes for friends all about the bake.jpg

It’s all about the bake, Creating Recipes for Friends

For the next few months we’ll be creating recipes for friends. Our challenge includes substituting ingredients, reinventing centuries old recipes, and pushing our culinary skills as far as we can. How will we fair? It’ll all come down to the bake.

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What to explore next?

What adventure should we go on next? If you have any suggestions for the next topic to explore, share with us. Fill out our contact form and include what the next letter from the editor should be about and why. Have the awesomest day ever!