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Eye on Life Magazine is a Lifestyle and Literary Magazine.  Enjoy articles on gardening, kitchen cooking, poetry, vintage decor, and more.

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Looking for stuff on gardening, foods & drinks, home organization and decor, vintage dreaminess, inspirational notes and quotes, and other everyday Life and Style topics? Our Lifestyle pages offer some of the wonderful things in this world that we appreciate and enjoy in our daily lives.  Representing Life and Style, our Lifestyle sections at Eye on Life Magazine showcases our sense of self and well being.

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Our Literary pages offer a look into the art of art and the art of words.  Representing our love of books, poetry, and our appreciation of authors and writers of all genres and formats, our Literary sections at Eye on Life Magazine showcase the art and craft of writing and reading and has been a source for educators of young students.

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Eye on Life Magazine is an online Lifestyle and Literary magazine that sprouted from the desire to showcase a love of vintage things, traditional ways, and of the possibilities they bring to modern life. Vintage with a twist. We believe vintage and tradition ground us, and we understand the ways in which the past can enhance, reform or become something entirely new to make our lives that much more. From beneath its surface to parts we take for granted, everyday life has so much to offer. It can be filled with anything we want it to. We can surround ourselves with interests, spaces, places, words, ideas, and foods that speak to us and make us happy. There's an endless amount to learn from this world and its inhabitants.  So much to be involved in, to explore. In doing so, you find yourself. Welcome to Eye on Life.

Est. 2009

Our mission statement followed by our lifestyle and literary sections.

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