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John F Clymer: Artist, Illustrator

Were it not for wonderful artists who cared enough to throughly research little known history and paint them in a living breathing manner, the world would not have a window into what actually happened.  Such is the case with one of America's most important artists -- John F. Clymer.

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Adrift Art Studio: Enchanting Organic Handcrafted Art and Supplies

The works of artist C.S. Alexis ​find themselves nestled in homes and gardens, and don themselves on people, all over the world.  This is probably because her eye, when it comes to piecing natural artifacts into enchanting jewelry, art, and miniatures is spot on. ​

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Portrait Photography - Interview with Photographer - Priscilla Chan

Portrait photography has more to do with passion and the inspiration that comes from within the photographer.  Technical ability aside, true talent when it comes to portrait photography has more to do with the passion of the photographer.  Meet one such portrait photographer.

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Students and Staff Took on 'The Laramie Project' at MRH High School in St. Louis

Each school year, the Maplewood-Richmond Heights High School Drama Department takes on two plays, one in the fall and one in the spring.  This year's fall play was "The Laramie Project" based on the events surrounding the gruesome murder of Matthew Shepard.  Both MRH staff and students pushed the envelope and  took on this documentary play in support of diversity in their community.

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MRH Successful Counter Protest for Theatrical Performance

Yes, art is subject to protests.  MRH High School's theatrical performance of "The Laramie Project" was no exception to scrutiny based on subject matter.  And yet, they saw the protest by a certain group of close minded out of towners  as an opportunity to show their students (and the rest of the world) just how much the strength of community could achieve by countering acts of hate with acts of peaceful support  and an appreciation of the diversity that makes our communities strong.

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Stone Sculptures - Interview with Carl Wright, Abstract Stone Sculptor

​Mankind has loved stone for his art since the time of the caveman.  Here's a look at one of the purest and oldest kinds of art - abstract stone sculptures.  Take a tour with Carl Wright, one extraordinary sculptor and what's behind his art.

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Trickeye Museums of Korea: Trompe l'oeil Interactive Art With Guest Art Journalist from Hong Kong, Jonathan Chan

​When art and the artist and the ones viewing the art become one -- that's what 3D Interactive Art creates at the Trickeye Museum in Busan, Korea.  Take a whole new look at this unique way of interacting with art and the age old art of trompe l’oeil .

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