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Vintage Wooden Pieces Refurbished

Turning vintage furniture and other wooden pieces into beautiful storage pieces and organizational decor gives your home a personal touch and lets you explore your creative side.  Searching for those pieces is easy.  Finding them at the right price, not always.  Being able to spot a possibility, a little bit of both.

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Turn Vintage Library Card Catalogs Into Beautiful Storage and Organization Decor

It was this particular photo that got me really thinking of the wonderful beauty and possibilities that vintage pieces have to offer the modern home. Using a card catalog, of all things, to store ones wine and liqueur! Absolutely brilliant!  What would you put in your Vintage Library Card Catalog Drawers?

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Interior Design Stairs With Style

We’re all looking for extra storage in our homes. Interior design and architecture doesn’t always seem like it can help this solution, at least not while providing us with a style that suits us.  In fact  the design of our homes, especially those of small space, often feel as though they are working against us and our lives can seem bogged down with our special things that ultimately get called clutter because there is nowhere to put those items. One space you might have wished could be used in this fashion, can actually be turned into fantastic storage space. Your stairs. By dual purposing a main feature of your home, like your staircase, you’ve opened a whole new world of possibilities.

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Art Directors Club of Denver Paper Fashion Show Winning Design

Last month on A Hat for All seasons featured an article on the annual ADCD (Art Directors Club of Denver) Paper Fashion Show.  We focussed on the incredible hats that were created for the runway.  We wanted to find out more about this fundraising event and about the group behind the winning creation.  

Stephanie Hunn Ingraham, graphic and web designer, artist, and illustrator for siyo, was kind enough to chat with us about the show and to give us some behind the scenes information.

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Photos in a Bottle Make for Unique Interior Design Accessories

Accessories are important both to a room’s decor and as ways to express yourself in your living space.  They are the difference between a room that makes you want to use it, and a room that says, “Yeah, I just don’t know what’s going on in here.” Combine two awesome loves to make an accessory that is unique, personalized, and way cool.

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My Favorite Slippers I Wear Everywhere

It seems that for women, the act of wearing our slippers out and about is as acceptable as it is for teens to wear their cozy pajama bottoms in public. Haven’t seen that? Really? I have, and it no longer fazes me. Besides which, I’d much rather see someone’s pajama bottoms than their underwear, which I still have the misfortune of witnessing every now and again. Find out why you’d want to wear your slippers everywhere, and where to shop for that perfect pair.

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