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Photo Friday: Repurposed Boots and The Old Moss Woman's Secret Garden

If the shoe doesn’t fit, repurpose it - The Old Moss Woman

Beautiful things come in all shapes and sizes.  So do old things that can be re-purposed into new ones.  Take these boots for example.  This is what happens to boots you leave lying around in nature.  Sooner or later, Nature is going to have a go at re-purposing what you leave out in her garden.  She’ll turn them into a work of art. A unique garden statue.  Something to ooh and aah over. 

This Photo Friday pic was found The Old Moss Woman’s Facebook page. One of the things I love about Facebook is discovering new pages by chance.   I especially love pages that are dedicated to the wonders of nature, re-purposed items, and ones that have gorgeous photos of miraculous things.  The old Moss Woman's Secret Garden on Facebook is one of those pages I was delighted to come across recently.  It’s definitely worth a look and a few shares. 

While you won’t find an abundance of posts, the ones that are there have something to offer a lover of mosses, bits of mother nature’s wonders, quotes, and tidbits of information.  This page’s motto: “Be not an abomination to the Bees and Butterflies and then your garden shall know the enchantment that long ago the poets and minstrels spoke.” ~ Old Moss Woman