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Why Bees Matter

Every lovely garden has certain requirements: soil, light, water, and beneficial insects – just to name a few.  So to talk about plants, shrubs, and trees and to neglect sharing all the elements that go into them is to give an incomplete picture of what gardening is and it isn’t.  It’s no secret to most gardeners that most flowering plants, trees, including vegetables and fruits-- all not only get visited by some of our beneficial insects, but also require certain beneficial insects to bear fruit.   Here's why bees matter!

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Easy to Grow Flowers - Zinnias

Zinnas!  Gardeners love them because they are showy and easy to grow.  Flower arrangement cry for them because they are bright and long lasting.  Dried flower enthusiasts wax poetic over the ease of drying them and the many uses in arrangements.  So what's the skinny on growing Zinnas?

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Edible Wild Food Source - The Sago Palm

​It's not your first thought for a food source, but many varieties of palm trees and their fruit are edible sources of food.  The key to know is that not all palms are safe to eat.  The Sago Palm is one of the palm trees that you need to know all about, since one member of this family is poisonous to humans.

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Chinese Herbal Medicine - The History of Chinese Herbalism

​Of all the plants you grow in your garden, knowing the history behind herbs, especially herbs, will add depth to your gardening know-how.  Of course, the most ancient of civilizations were way ahead of all of us in understanding how important healing herbs are -- both then and now.  Let's explore the history!

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