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Why Bees Matter

Every lovely garden has certain requirements: soil, light, water, and beneficial insects – just to name a few.  So to talk about plants, shrubs, and trees and to neglect sharing all the elements that go into them is to give an incomplete picture of what gardening is and it isn’t.  It’s no secret to most gardeners that most flowering plants, trees, including vegetables and fruits-- all not only get visited by some of our beneficial insects, but also require certain beneficial insects to bear fruit.   Here's why bees matter!

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Greek Honey Bee Garden

It’s no secret that world-wide, honey bees are in trouble.  I’ve written a good bit about honey bees elsewhere on the Internet in the past, mostly because saving the honeybee is important to me and should be to everyone else — unless you plan on starving. They are in danger and need our help. One way to help them is for each of us to do our part in providing plants and a proper environment for honey bees, by planting a honey bee garden, no matter how small or space may be.

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