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Yuan Changming

Yuan Changming grew up in a remote village, began to learn English at 19, and published monographs on translation before moving out of China. With a Canadian PhD in English, Yuan currently edits Poetry Pacific  with Allen Yuan in Vancouver, and has poetry appearing in Best Canadian Poetry,  BestNewPoemsOnline, Threepenny Review and 1109 others across 37 countries.

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January 2019:



Larry Schug

Larry Schug lives with his wife, dog and three cats near a large tamarack bog in St. Wendel Twp., Minnesota. He is retired from a life of various kinds of physical labor and currently volunteers as a writing tutor and a naturalist. His latest book is At Gloaming with North Star Press. His website is Larry Schug, Poet.

I mostly write from personal experience, but hopefully, in a way that anyone can relate to. I think we all experience many of the same things in life, but we all have unique ways of expressing them. Poetry is what works for me. Really, poetry is just one human being trying to communicate with another—I observed or experienced something and I want to tell you about it.
— Larry Schug

Michael L. Newell

Michael L. Newell was a long time expatriate teacher (over twenty years) who has recently retired to coastal Oregon after living in thirteen other countries on five continents.  He has also lived in thirteen of the United States.  His work has been published in, among other places, Aethlon: The Journal of Sports Literature, Bellowing Ark, Culture Counter, Ship of Fools, Lilliput Review, and Rattle.  He has had a number of books and chapbooks published.  Among them are Traveling without Compass or Map (Bellowing Ark Press), A Long Time Traveling, Seeking Shelter, and Collision Course (all from Four Sep Press).

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December 2015:

Alex Ranieri

Alex Ranieri is a poet whose work focuses on the beauty of the line between; whether that be the line between good and evil, reality and imagination, or myth and the mundane. She has worked as a musician, an artist, and actor, and a fiction writer, as well as a poet. Most recently, she was published in the Winnetka Current and the journal Ceremony, and performed at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. You can find her online at Alexandra Ranieri "The Evangelist of Poetry".

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December 2015:

Carly Larkin

I have a philosophical mind and a poetic heart, am 20 years old and working towards my associate degree in communications. For as long as I can remember I have had an overwhelming passion for writing-and later on-writing poetry, which I started developing a passion for around the age of 13. I have always been very fond of traditional sonnet and rhyme poetry, such as that of Shakespeare, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Sylvia Plath, William Wordsworth, Alexander Pope, along with many others. I love the rawness of the truth these writers seek to speak because it is the same truth I seek in present day humanity.

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November 2015;

Allison Grayhurst

Allison Grayhurst is a member of the League of Canadian Poets. She has over 625 poems published in more than 310 international journals and anthologies. Her book Somewhere Falling was published by Beach Holme Publishers in 1995. Since then she has published eleven other books of poetry and six collections with Edge Unlimited Publishing. Prior to the publication of Somewhere Falling she had a poetry book published, Common Dream, and four chapbooks published by The Plowman. Her poetry chapbook The River is Blind was published by Ottawa publisher above/ground press in December 2012. In 2014 her chapbook Surrogate Dharma was published by Kind of a Hurricane Press, Barometric Pressures Author Series in October 2014. More recently, she has a chapbook Currents pending publication this Fall with Pink.Girl.Ink. Press. She lives in Toronto with her family. She also sculpts, working with clay; www.allisongrayhurst.com

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November 2015:

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Sreyash Sarkar

Sreyash Sarkar , is a poet, a qualified painter, a practising Hindustani Classical musician and an aspiring Electrical Engineer.Educated in Kolkata and Bangalore, he has been a student correspondent at The Statesman, Kolkata from his school, South Point. In 2012, in an international poetry competition organized in memoir of Yeats, his poem was shortlisted among 40 other poets from all over the world. His interview was published in the 'The Arty Legume', where he was asked to speak on cubism, existentialism in art and intrusion in a painting. He has been extensively featured in "The Gooseberry Bushes", " Muses", " The Literary Jewels", "Tagore for us", " The Country Cake-Stall" , " The Orange Orchard" etc. Besides, being a freelance writer for several magazines, he is the editor-in-chief of Kalomer Kalomishak, a bilingual magazine, which he founded in 2013.

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November 2015:

John Zedolik


For thirteen years, John taught English and Latin in a private all-girls school, and in 2010 completed his Ph.D., in which he focused on the pragmatic comedy of the Canterbury Tales. Currently, he is an adjunct instructor at Chatham University in Pittsburgh. He has had many jobs in his life, including archaeological field assistant, obituary writer, and television-screen-factory worker. He has had poem published in such journals as Aries, Abbey, The Chaffin Journal, The Journal (UK), Poets' Espresso Review, Pulsar Poetry Review (UK), and in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. His iPhone is now his primary poetry notebook, and he hopes his negotiation with technology in regard to this ancient art form continues to be successful.

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October 2015 --

On a Roll

Relief Map

I, Executive

Domestic Differences

Decay Lift


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