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Memorials of Plastic Flowers

by Larry Schug


faded to dull pastels

by sun and wind-blown sand,

mark places of accidental death,

the result of inattention, alcohol, speed

along two-lane highways in border states,

Texas, New Mexico, Arizona,

into Colorado and Kansas.

Like habitats and planting zones

trying to outrun a changing climate,

these memorials of make-believe flowers

have migrated north

like Mexican workers into Minnesota,

appearing after the snow melts.

Not surprising.

How fast would you drive

to get to a bar for some relief,

or home to your family,

a change of clothes, a shower, sleep,

after working the midnight shift

cutting the heads and feet off chickens

so someday your children

will not be strangers in this land,

be allowed to live with dignity,

not be buried alone beneath the snow?