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Bella Braxton

I don’t want to be like most other kids who just play on their phones all the time. Those kinds of people are important and we need them as much as anything else, but it’s not what I want to do, and it isn’t what makes me happy.
— Bella Braxton

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October 2015 --

Paying for a Future

Neil Flory

Although I’ve been actively writing poetry for about 30 years, for much of that time I did not actively seek publication of my work.  Recently, however, I was very glad to declare an end to a 20-year hiatus from the practice of submitting my work to journals.  Before that long hiatus, some of my poems were published in journals such as Mind Matters Review, Alternative Press Magazine, and Cokefish.  In addition to the poems appearing in this publication, two other poems have been recently selected for upcoming issues of Down in the Dirt scheduled for the fall of 2015.  Like many poets, I have long found solace and renewal in the natural world; I grew up wandering the beaches of south Florida, spent years wandering the beaches of south Texas, and now enthusiastically wander the lake shores and thick forests of western New York.  I am also a published composer of classical music, and have set a variety of poems to music over the years, including my own work and that of my wife, published poet and fiction writer E. R. Flory. In addition to creative work, most months find me also joyously engaged in the endeavors of teaching courses and overseeing the music program at Jamestown Community College.


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September 2015 --


Feather Pinball Puzzle

Saying Nothing


JD DeHart

JD DeHart is an English teacher who enjoys writing and publishing fiction, poetry, and nonfiction.  When he writes he tries to reflect on small, honest parts of his world.   He also attempts to capture pieces of life that are absurd and ironic. 

I think he succeeds. 

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September 2015:

Also from JD DeHart:


See more of JD DeHart's poetry at: Writings -- JD DeHart



Kelly Sullivan

Photo by Kelly Sullivan: The USS Puget Sound located at the time in Gaeta Italy

Photo by Kelly Sullivan: The USS Puget Sound located at the time in Gaeta Italy

Kelly Sullivan is a freelance writer from Ohio. Her recent work was to tie second place in a poetry contest in the May edition of Screaming' Mamas Magazine. In addition to being published in Screamin' Mama's poetry tie for second place, Kelly Sullivan has been published in "The Chief of Police Magazine," "American Baby Contest," and Consumer Network News.  She is a former military wife and has two adult children.

Read Kelly's Poetry:

"Peace Is"

Saloni Kaul


Saloni Kaul, author and poet, first published at the age of ten, has been in print ever since. As critic and columnist , she has enjoyed thirty seven years of being published in leading dailies and magazines.  From time to time Saloni has held many an editorial position and has also won considerable critical acclaim as broadcaster and producer-presenter of radio documentaries and features. Saloni's first volume, a fifty poem collection, was published in the USA in 2009. Subsequent volumes include UNIVERSAL ONE  and ESSENTIALS ALL. 

 As a full-time poet today, Saloni conducts poetry readings and workshops and travels to fairs and festivals as well as book related venues (libraries, museums, cultural institutes, schools and colleges, poetry societies and book clubs)  to promote her poetic production. She collaborates with composers who set Saloni Kaul poems to music and artists who elaborate on her poems at exhibitions, where she gives a Performance or has a Poetry Reading integrated into the Installation. Poetry enthusiasts intent on exploring Saloni Kaul's works may procure the books or stay glued to the web for upcoming poems in publications as diverse as US print magazines Poetry Quarterly , The Horrorzine, Indiana based Tipton Poetry Journal, and online at Eye On Life Magazine, and can cheer Saloni on the Best New Poems website July/August. All for the sake of Poetry!

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Minuet in a Teacup

Saucy Gavotte on a Saucer

Startled as Springboard

Winning the Toss

Doxa Zannou

Doxa J. Zannou is an eighteen years old indie author from Benin, West Africa.  Writing is God’s gift to her, and she hopes to exploit this gift for His glory. She is also a Spoken Word/Slam poet who regularly uploads poems on Soundcloud. She draws inspiration from her relationship with God and the various aspects of mankind. She won the “Edit Sitwell Challenge” published on Young Poet’s Network’s Website. Almond Press also published one of her short stories, Carved In Ice, in their dystopian collection, Broken Worlds. She is a freshman at Eastern University, studying English Creative Writing and Psychology. She published her first YA novel, Ashes Of Our Past, on Wattpad. (It is currently under revision).  This novel’s main theme is centered on overcoming trauma and experiencing true regeneration.

You can find her on the following social medias: Instagram and Soundcloud: @doxajzannou

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"Damning Veneration"

"Blood Thirsty Savages"

"Destructive Ramifications"

Waqas Rabbani


Waqas Rabbani: "All our lives are in a constant state of flux, our emotions change from moment to moment, there is true joy and there is true sadness and both extremes exist within each of our souls, sadness is a part of being human, so is happiness yet getting addicted to any particular emotion or wanting to create circumstances for feeling emotions is wrong, let the universe sweep you along and experience existence in every moment, let your emotions flow as swiftly as the universe flows , and live your life to the fullest.."

Read Waqas Rabbani's poetry:

"Burn the Midnight Oil"