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Plant Families - The Genealogy Of Plants - Part I

The perfume of fresh corduroy or dotted Swiss material lingers on my mind, whenever I think of genealogy, both of the human kind, and that of plants. As a child, I often sat with my Grama Daisy, who sometimes worked from home as a seamstress while taking care of her three grandchildren.  Her ever-quick mind was always studying something, and it was there I got a primer education both as a genealogist and as a horticulturalist. Both endeavors require critical observation and comparison skills.

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The Orange Rose - Growing Roses From Cuttings

In the wild, certain colors of roses are natural, such as white, red, yellow, pink, and variations of those colors occur naturally.  However, even in Roman times, roses were hybridized to achieve certain desired colors and types of blooms.   Thanks to hybridizing, with the exception of the elusive blue rose, mankind and womankind has largely succeeded in achieving roses of many hues, which brings me to the subject of orange roses.

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In the broad field of rose culture, past and present, a big question mark stands out. Why is it that the Moss Rose was so universally popular, present in every garden, over a hundred years ago, yet so seldom seen in gardens today? Many a present day rose grower has never seen one. Many more little of the usefulness and the charm of this type of rose.

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In The Rose Garden

Perhaps it’s the sun, or the heady sweet perfume of the garden rose blossoms, because immediately I am taken back to that same time period — when the women of my grandmother’s Blue Rose Society, dreamed an impossible dream — perfecting the first double blue rose.  As a young girl, sitting on the sidelines, while they held their weekly luncheon meetings, I was certain they’d lost their minds or at least were drinking something more than mint julep tea.

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