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Lovely Garden Question Of The Week -- Tea Roses

QUESTION: What is a Tea Rose?

——- Jan De Graff, from Amsterdam



The Tea Rose is the common name of Rosa Odorata, a native of western China. The fragrance is supposed to remind one of the odor of crushed tea leaves (not the beverage, as is often believed). Cepin, the famous rose botanist, said:

“One must have a singularly acute nose to find any odor of tea in these roses, however fine and delicate it is.”

So let’s just take it on faith!
The Tea Rose was one of the parents of the modern hybrid tea class of roses. With the help of imagination, one may detect a slight tea-like odor. In all events, it is quite distinct from the true rose odor characteristic of the Damask Rose, the species from which the famous attar of roses is obtained.


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