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Photos in a Bottle Make for Unique Interior Design Accessories

Accessories are important both to a room’s decor and as ways to express yourself in your living space.  They are the difference between a room that makes you want to use it, and a room that says, “Yeah, I just don’t know what’s going on in here.”

The biggest spot in my home to express myself and play around with accessory decor is my mantle.  Lucky for me, I can go crazy and bold or as simple a refined as I like due to the grand span and size. 

Wonderful things to do with photos.

Wonderful things to do with photos.

I never get bored.  With all the great ideas for accessorizing on the web and in magazines, it’s easy to get inspired. 

My love of decorating extends to using photographs in interesting new ways.  When the two can finally meet in a new and intriguing way, I’m thrilled. 

Take this great idea I came across in the following photo I found on the web. Combine two awesome loves to make an accessory that is unique, personalized, and way cool.

It’s not just mantles that can benefit from this beautiful exhibit. Book shelves, coffee and accent tables, kitchen counters, window sills, these and more can be used as decorating backdrops for photographs in vintage bottles.

Vintage Photos in Glass Bottles. Vintage photos displayed in Vintage bottles line this white fireplace mantel.

Vintage Photos in Glass Bottles. Vintage photos displayed in Vintage bottles line this white fireplace mantel.

Some tips:

  • You’ll want your vintage bottles to be clear, not milky.

  • Use photographs that take up the heights of the bottles you’re using.

  • Magazine photographs work just as well as camera photos, as do photocopies of photos.

  • Color or black and white photos work equally well.

  • For best results, stick to a theme.

  • Make sure the bottle necks are wide enough to slip in a curled photo

  • Long tweezers will help with maneuvering the photos once inside your glass bottles.

  • Don’t recap or re-cork your vintage bottles so that they can breathe and so that your photos and bottles don’t collect water condensation.

  • Using labeled bottles is okay, as long as the label is on one side and not the other. A labeled bottle would be beneficial to use if you’re choosing to display your photos in bottles placed where they would get a 360 degree view.