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My Favorite Slippers I Wear Everywhere

I’ve been walking quite a bit lately and my shoes just don’t always make my feet happy.  I don’t necessarily go out to shop and browse and chaufer on purpose, but more than likely my day ends up that way.

Cozy Oatmeal colored slippers knit by FiveStissterz on Etsy. Cute side button… they look like shoes!

Cozy Oatmeal colored slippers knit by FiveStissterz on Etsy. Cute side button… they look like shoes!

My poor feet pay for it when I leave the house with just any pair of shoes.  If I were smart, and I’m beginning to get that way, I’d only keep the shoes that fit, the shoes that feel great no matter what I’m up against, the shoes that look great, and the shoes that don’t have the insole taken out by our sweet but weird dog every time I leave the house.  If I were smart, I’d keep those wonderful shoes in my closet with the door closed.  In fact, if I were super smart, I’d wear my slippers in public. 

Don’t get me wrong.  I’ve always been one to follow the classic fashion rules when it comes to shoes.  Thankfully we women no longer have to succumb to Birkenstock (whose comfort and look I had grown to appreciate once upon a time).  Nor do we have to substitute our 9-5 shoes for our sneakers while wearing a nice suit or dress (an odd combination no matter what way you look at it).  There are now so many brands and styles of women’s shoes that offer excellent support and comfort despite round the clock extended wear, that we women are really luckier and more fashionable than we’ve ever been.

But what happens when, for one reason or other, you find that those favorite shoes that you’ve worn and relied on for quite a few months (okay seasons, perhaps decades) decide that they just absolutely hate you?  They’ve had it.  In one day they bunion and corn you to death.  In fact, if someone offered you a wheelchair or scooter, you’d gladly accept, just to ease the pain enough for you to get on with your life. 

knit slippers in black with rubber sole, cute bow, and faux fur.

Shimmie Cozy Knit at Rocket Dog comes in half sizes. Woohoo! I bought mine at DSW. They go great with jeans or black pants and my wooly grey sweater coat.Well, let me tell you what you do. When you’re at the shoe store buying special occassion shoes for your girls because they have school performances or a dance to go to, head over to the slipper section.  Chances are there is quite a wide variety of slippers and you’ll love them to death.  They’ll have nice soles with good traction, some thicker than others (you know, in case you need to walk your dog who has an upset stomach because he or she got into the trash or the baked goods you had sitting on the dining room table and you don’t have time to put on regular shoes and if only you had a yard with some grass you’d be ever so thankful, or maybe you just have to wait at the bus stop and it’s way too early for anyone in their right mind to bother with shoes when their slippers are right there by the bed). Find a pair that could pass for shoes, that are super comfy with just the right flex and protection, that are the right fit,  and that are neutral enough to go with just about anything you’d normally wear.  That’s exactly what I did.

I now call them my multi-pupose slippers.  And while it took a while to get used to the fact that I was wearing slippers out in public (to the sandwich shop… to my son’s dentist office…) I found that it was quite liberating.  I could focus on what was really important… spending money I didn’t want to spend.

Oh, and if anyone looks at you funny because they don’t realize that it’s perfectly okay to go out in your out on the town slippers, just look them square in the eye and act like you own that footwear (which you do).