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Pie-o-neer Pie Shop's Eclectic Decor and Cute as Pie Aprons

Pie Town, New Mexico has one of the cutest pie shops in the country.  It's eclectic, rustic, and homey and as lovable as their pies. 

As with most places in New Mexico, decor includes the incorporation of red chiles.  Theirs in the form of red chile string lights. 

You'll find all sorts of artwork and photography as well.  From days gone by and from times present.  They've even opened up an adjoining gallery where you can purchase work from local artists. 

When you walk in, on your left, you'll see a beautiful bass in the corner (shown below).  It isn't just any ol' bass.  Owner Kathy Knapp says, "The upright bass is my partner's (Stanley).  He breaks it out every so often and I join him on my fiddle!  We recently bought a cello, which means we're on our way to a Pie Symphony."  

Corner of the Pie shop in pie town, New Mexico. The bass played on music nights is stored here. And one of the pie aprons hangs on the wall.

So what's the story behind the cute as a button aprons that make you want to tie one on and get right into baking pies from scratch?  Well, we were hoping they were for sale.  At the time, they weren't.

When I asked her about them, Kathy said, "The aprons on display have been made for me by friends, therefore not for sale, BUT I am in negotiations w/a friend that makes the cutest aprons you ever saw, so that I will carry her line soon." Negotiations worked out and Kathy now sells her friend's awesome aprons, so be sure to pick one up!

And yes, that would be Kathy, from days gone by (though you wouldn't know it cause she looks just the same), holding one of her yummy pies in a framed photo that you can see in the picture below:

pie o neer pie shop apron and photo.jpg

There's a little something symbolizing everything New Mexico and Pies in this shop.  This includes bears.  The black bear was designated the official state animal of New Mexico back in 1963.  Lo and behold, while it may not have exactly been a black one, there was a very friendly bear standing right on Pie-o-neer's front porch.  Needless to say, our own little baker was thrilled with her photo-op, it was just right. 

pie town bear photo op.jpg

You can also find a nice flock of quiet flamingo's.  And if the weather's nice, you can eat your slice of perfect pie with them.  But please, "Don't feed the bear!" ~Rabbit  (from Winnie the Pooh's Hundred Acre Woods)

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