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From Seeds to Plants, Have Patience with Your Garden

To be a good gardener, you have to have patience.  Growing from seeds to plants is a process that takes a lot of commitment, most of it slow.  The growing and tending process of a garden can be a difficult time for those of us who like to see results right away.  Being in a rush will only result in over watering, over aggravating, and planting too close together, none of which will culminate into positive results. 

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Thinking About Creative and Unique Costumes to Recreate Yourself This Halloween

Halloween is perhaps one of the most intriguing and inventive times of year.  It’s a time where you can really be whatever and whoever you want to be.  As glamorous, as beautiful, as bizarre.  As ugly, as scary, as fantastical. You can recreate yourself and become a version of any character you like.  A successful costume comes from just that, a deliberate “version of”.  One that brings your personality or your desires to fruition.  It will utilize that certain something that attracts you to the base character of your choice in the first place.

Once upon a time, Halloween costumes were

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Using Bold Flowers in Your Small Space

Using bold flowers in your small space can transform your rooms from quaint to special.  Most of us live in small spaces, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy the happiness that comes with bold and grandiose decor, in this case the use of bold flowers in your small space.  In fact small spaces are perfect for decor like bold flowers because their impact can be stronger and more satisfying to

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Solar Powered Outdoor String Lights for the Christmas Holidays

There is now a wonderful and especially gorgeous way to make outdoor Christmas decorating cost no more than the cost of the outdoor lights themselves. And truth be told, they are more beautiful and unique than your average outdoor string lighting.

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Parisian discotheque music to go with your foux du fa fa?

Many will agree that a French flair to music is second to none when it comes to that something delightful and light, that which makes you feel care-free, puts a spring in your step.  French Cafe music is quite a favorite of mine for this reason.  Ah to sip a glass of wine in an open outdoor French Cafe in Paris, treating oneself to a bit of stylish luxury.

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Slipper Chair love

I am a major lover of slipper chairs.  Just the name of it makes me feel relaxed and cozy.  They are often referred to as armless chairs, but my thought is, why refer to them as though they were lacking an essential component when they have everything to offer that an armed chair would, perhaps more?

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A Wonderland of Scarves

Scarves are a fashion statement, a personal statement, they set a mood both for the wearer and the passer by. Scarves know no age.  Scarves know no season. Scarves are perfection.  They are cozy, stylish, soft.  Scarves are hard to resist.

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Coffee Memoir

I was, at one time, briefly, six months perhaps, a barista.  I made all sorts of coffees and espressos at a Starbucks.  I had wanted to be a bookseller, but they needed someone to man the machines at the adjoining café.  That’s where I came in.  I took the job.  Part-time. Minimum wage.

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