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Slipper Chair love

pink slipper chair.jpg

Cotton Candy Slipper Chair from Urban Outfitters. Photo found via meshandlace.typepad.com

I am a major lover of slipper chairs.  Just the name of it makes me feel relaxed and cozy.  They are often referred to as armless chairs, but my thought is, why refer to them as though they were lacking an essential component when they have everything to offer that an armed chair would, perhaps more?

One of the nicest things about the slipper chair is its comfort.  Sipper chairs sit low to the ground making it easy to relax in.  There’s plenty of seat space making it easy to tuck your feet up and get comfy under a beautiful, favorite throw.  They look good where other furniture doesn’t.  Slipper chairs have a beautiful vintage style meets modern look (fabric and slipper chair architecture can sway the look to your taste in decor and era).  They also have, and this is my most favorite thing about them, a way of being able to greet you perfectly with a book in seat, a tray of tea or coffee, and a finger sandwich or honey toast.  Not to mention they look simply divine and welcoming with a pillow. or a throw (that never has to be placed just so).

Here are some of my favorite photos of slipper chairs, with links to their sources where available:


In her post “the slipper chair”, Julie, interior designer and owner of the design firm Shelter (incidentally the same name as her blog) shows some lovely examples of designer Slipper Chairs. She begins her article with this photo presenting a David Hicks slipper chair, along with brief (though what more do you need) information including the definition and history of the slipper chair. Click through link available.


Casa Sugar shows how a slipper chair can go “from blah to ta-da!” giving any slipper chair a totally new look by simple reupholstering. Here, she includes” dressmaker details like pleating and tufting”. Click on the photo to see the transformation and the accompanying article.


Myriad Antiques Slipper Chair found on Joelle Dolce Bebe, showing just how perfect and soft a slipper chair can be in a baby nursery. In her article, Joelle talks about her favorite style, pre-made baby room themes vs. “your own”. Click through.

ikat_hal_williamson photo from house_beautiful found at poshsurfside.jpg

Photo by House Beautiful. Found at Posh Interior Design blog.


Their affordability is another favorite thing of mine.  Though I have to say, they can get quite pricey depending on the maker and the material.  I have my favorite places to browse and my favorite places to shop. Sometimes they get to be one and the same.