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Floating Paper Boats Water Wednesday

holding a paper boat

This water Wednesday brings floating paper boats, representing childhood, imagination, dreams, and remembrance.

Paper Boats are celebrated and are used to celebrate and to remember loved ones, all over the world.  It doesn’t really matter what age you are, just the thought of paper boat places ones spirit into another world, one that is carefree, yet full of thoughtfulness. 

Your floating paper boats can be simple, colorful, or extravagant.  You can recycle materials like newspapers, graded homework, coloring book pages, wrapping paper, and paper bags.  Scrapbook paper can also make gorgeous and unique paper boats as well. 

Great gift idea for a child (of any age *wink*): Make a paper boat yourself and use it as the topper on a pack of scrap booking paper or a roll of wrapping paper.  It’ll bring smiles to the receiver’s faces for a long long time.  Making paper boats and watching them float in a large garden tub or birdbath would also make for an excellent party game idea.

I’ll leave you all with some loved photos of floating paper boats, complete with click through links to their sources.  You’ll surely want to seek out more in the world of paper boats from blogs and photos to how-tos, so we’ve added links to some interesting sites on the web for your viewing and reading pleasure.


floating paper boats in the rain
floating paper boat
paper boat with buttons and string
paper boat out of book pages
craft paper boat