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Beautiful Bathing Tubs Water Wednesday

This Water Wednesday, we’re featuring beautiful bathing tubs.  Today’s post was inspired by an accidental find that spoke to me.  In her blog, The Doyles, Heidi Doyle recently wrote a blog post entitled “Vintage Photos”, where she shares some fabulous vintage family photos of her grandparents.  She writes, “Some things will always be beautiful”. 

A perfect bathing spot will always be beautiful; even in its vintage years. 

We have chosen three beautiful bathing tubs that speak volumes.  Their eclectic styles and placement make them timeless while exquisitely unique.  

Which one is your favorite?  Let us know.  Enjoy.

This modern oasis has a spa-like feel.  A pleasure to bathe in.  Relaxation is inevitable in this room, where water is the key element, both in its interior and its view. 

yellow stencil post  divider 2.jpg

Classic style surrounds the simplicity of this classic copper tub.  Reminding us of days gone by.  With plenty of room to soak and plenty of room for the biggest bubbles and the most soothing of bathing elixirs, this free standing copper tub is divine and begs for long hours of peaceful moments.

yellow stencil post  divider 2.jpg

For the truly eco-friendly bathing experience, this greenhouse has been turned into a unique and rustic bathing spot.  Worries will melt away as you relax in another world.