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A Word About Women's Jobs Humor on Vintage Postcard Photos


Every now and then I come across some wonderfully humorous job humor blurb printed on vintage postcard photos (most of them with the inclusion of an inapropriate word or two). They’re funny because despite their sarcasm, they exaggerate the pain we (women) feel, or think we ought to feel, about our jobs today (many of those jobs are technically in the same fields as we held in Vintage days) at our  “menial” and uncreative jobs. 

Most of these vintage postcard photos (ones that I’ve come across are 1950’s advertisement inspired) feature women, and may include doing dishes, vacuuming, laundry, cooking, typing, (in other words, house work).  Mind you all these women in the original illustrations are smiling, and one would think from the postcard photos, that these women were genuinely happy at, and passionate about, their jobs. 

These women were also illustrated as being beyond thrilled and certainly tickle pink at any new device or drink that would help them do their job better and keep them looking beautiful, because they were so proud of what they did. And I bet they were proud.

For example:


Oddly enough, the jobs that can’t be glamorous in almost any way seem to be the ones where women are actually not made fun of, such as welding and other men’s work situations.   This breathes volumes into the air of our society, where brawny “men’s” work is still emotionally thought of to be at higher standard of seriousness, despite the blue collar stigma.

Sadly many women’s jobs (in other words chores, or things that have to get done because they simply have to get done - and yes, typing, filing, etc. all seem to me to fall into the chores category if you think about it) are not even acknowledged as being serious.    This is because these jobs are so easy, brainless, and take but a moment of time - if they get done at all. Ahh little do they know. Changes to the position titles, such as administative specialist, executive assistant, and the like are used and suddenly the same tasks are deemed more important and offer significantly larger salaries.


Side note:

True, it’s not so pretty to be in a job you don’t enjoy for one reason or another. It is, however, pretty, to be in one that delights you, one with freedoms and challenges that you look forward to. This job of yours may very well be a traditionally woman’s chore job; so be it.  Personally, I love making the house look beautiful and know that it’s clean by my hand and not someone else’s, not to mention the fact that I do windows and move the furniture. 

Whatever your job is, a wonderful smile on your lips, however small and simple, is even prettier than admitting you like your job.  How so? Smiling makes you happy, and when you’re happy your happiness inspires everyone around you which in turn inspires you. 

Fact of the matter is, every job can easily be one you enjoy and love.  All it takes is a bit of self expression, and, sometimes, meditation and dreaming.  It all boils down to motivation. But when there’s no motivation and nothing can be done about it, and you can without it affecting your life in a way you don’t want, move on. Move on fast.

Who knows, these vintage postcard photos could very well be of women who are genuinely happy with their jobs or of hose that really do sit around all day drinking coffee.  And, yes, truth be told, a new vacuum does make me happy, but only when I buy it because I want it.