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Bach on a Steinway Could Be Just What Your Home Needs for the Holidays

Johann Sebastian Bach’s keyboard masterpieces, music meant to be played on a Harpsichord, not a Piano Forte; yet when done well, the sound of this exquisite Baroque composer’s musical enigma can truly say that it has found its way home. 

This is especially true when one takes a listen to Jeffery Biegel’s interpretation.  Bach on a Steinway is 1 Hours 6 Mins. of pure unadulterated bliss (if I may say so). Biegel demonstrates his knowledge of both Johann Sebastian Bach and Steinway & Sons, producing a quality that I have, until now, not heard done so exquisitely.


Jeffrey Biegel at a Steinway & Sons

Kudos to the new Steinway & Sons label for choosing Both Bach and Biegel for its first release.  Each piece is beautifully animated, and conveys well the fact that Steinway & Sons is tops in the keyboard industry.  I, for one, am thrilled with it.  Both the MP3 and CD for me, please.  And you can be sure these pieces will be played throughout the fall and winter season’s festivities.  Just what any home needs for the holidays. 

 Here is a sampling found on ArkivMusic.com.  Enjoy.