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Fancy Cat Collars for the Luxurious Feline

Cats deserve the very best. Perhaps more than any other animal, they tend to receive the most amount of respect.  They are brilliant, comforting, humorous, demanding, subtle, in your face… words to describe them are endless.  They do deserve our everlasting love and affection.  They also deserve personalized gifts of affection. 

Fancy cat collars and collar necklaces are the best, as cats do enjoy expensive and expensive looking jewelry; not to mention the fact that is is always a lovely thing to see your cat or kitten walking by looking his or her regal best.  Boutiques that specialize in cat accessories are perhaps your best bet.  They can be found in your neighborhood and online (I’ve listed my two favorites below).  Crystals, jewels, and adornments are all the rage when it comes to cat comfort and happiness, and they are more affordable than you might think.

beaded glassy kitty collar matches ice blue eyes.

Blue Ice Beaded Cat Collar by Whiskerkisses on Etsy. While this particular collar is no longer available, Whiskerskisses continually offers divine and elegant adornments to choose from. You can find their link below.

louis vuitton cat collar.jpg

Luis Vuitton couture cat collar and leash

Diamond and Pearl Tiara Fancy Cat Collar ranges from 30-70 US dollars, depending on the size of your feline’s neck.

diamonds and pearls cat collar necklace.jpg

The Bow Wow Meow Luscious Diamonds and Pearls Cat Collar Necklace by BeadsNBling on Etsy

Kaleidoscope Regent Cat Collar

crystal cat collars pink on grey kitten.jpg

Roxy and Lulu Break-Away Pink Swarovsi Chrystal Kitty Collar

triple strand chrystals cat collar.jpg

Tripple strand crystal cat collar

My favorite places to shop:

Lola and Penelopes Pet Boutique

The Ritzy Rover Pet Boutique (their website doesn’t work anymore)

Other great places to buy:

Whiskerkisses on Etsy

BeadsNBling on Etsy

Roxy and Lulu