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Stunning Silver Standard Poodle a Gorgeous Addition to Any Home

The Silver Standard Poodle, sweet, gentle, loyal, funny, simply beautiful.  I was a bit shocked, I must say, at the breathtaking beauty of Alexander, the Silver Standard Poodle in this photo.  He and his  brothers and sisters were truly a remarkable litter for color, size, personality, and overall breeding.  There is a special bonus in the fact that the mother and father have champion blood lines.  They were carefully bred.  The puppies are stunning. 

  Stylish puppy cut on 6 month old Alexander (Zander), Silver Standard Poodle, bred by Trish. Breathtaking photo copyrighted and is the courtesy of (c) Standard Poodles by Trish. See links below.

Stylish puppy cut on 6 month old Alexander (Zander), Silver Standard Poodle, bred by Trish. Breathtaking photo copyrighted and is the courtesy of (c) Standard Poodles by Trish. See links below.

I have to sheepishly admit that when I first saw the litter, I shied away from this coloring.  Pretty much only because I had grown up with White Standard Poodles.    Annie and Fannie, two sisters; the pick of the litter and the runt.  I suppose you can tell which was which by their names.  I adored their big black eyes and noses against their white unruly hair.  They were more beautiful to me in a lovable longer coat than they were after their once a month perfect grooming.  Thankfully they lived a very long and happy life.  But they’re now gone.  It’s been 10 years, give or take.

For some people, it’s easy to go out and get a new dog, after their pet dies.  Perhaps one with many of the same qualities as their passed loved one.  While I couldn’t ever resist a puppy, at any time in my life, I chose to stay away from physical resemblances.  Though I have to say I secretly attached myself to pets that had much the same personality.  We all have our different ways of coping, remembering, and moving on, I suppose.

A couple of years ago, I found that I was finally comfortable enough to search for a Standard Poodle for my family.  My children were about the same age as I was when we first got Annie and Fannie.  It was my pre-teen stage in life.  I could never have made it through without those dogs, without their boldness, sweetness, unconditional love, and understanding.  As a breed, I don’t think there’s any other dog that has the same type of empathy.  Mind you I’m most probably biased; though those who have ever truly experienced the Standard breed of Poodle, would agree with me.

Honestly, I didn’t think I was ready to leap into the comfort and memories that a Standard Poodle would give me.  But here are the facts:

  • I wanted a dog that would be a great family dog.

  • One that wouldn’t attach itself solely to one family member.

  • A breed that is hypo-allergenic.

  • A breed that doesn’t shed.

  • A breed that loved to get cozy.

  • A breed that was stunning to look at, from soft eyes to fuzzy butt.

  • A breed that was easy and eager to train and to be play with.

  • A dog that would serve its purpose as a selfless pet that would be there for every unexpected emotion that came about in the next twelve plus years.

  • One that was big, but who questioned its size when it came to wanting to be held in your arms or your lap

  • One that made us laugh and smile

There was not one of these prerequisites that did not equal the Standard Poodle.  Part of me wanted to fight it.  The rest of me just knew.  Now, to find the right breeder.

I did quite a bit of searching on the net, and found the perfect one; you know how sometimes you just know, the vibe is good.   And the icing on the cake was that this breeder lived close by. 

I had a bit of time to play with, which I was glad for.  I had been mulling over the idea of a puppy for only a couple of months.  I had come to the conclusion that I really had my heart set on a white or cream Standard Poodle.  The puppies that were currently available, however, were silver… and gorgeous.  At their wee stages, they were a deep charcoal grey.  I just wasn’t sure.  I questioned whether their coats would end up the lovely silver of their mother (Bayou Black Pinafore Your Thoughts - Nicke) and father (Volk’s Windsor Sterling Maxwell). 

I was in for a big surprise. 

You see, the older a Silver Standard Poodle puppy gets, the more the silver grows throughout their coat.  The result in this litter…  Stunning!  Breath taking!  There’s just something about them that makes you want to stare and marvel; and I do.  Every day.

A puppy that comes from a breeder home and is part of the family, cared for, loved, fed well, respected… is not something that is that easy to come by, surprisingly.  Long story short, there were only three left from this divine litter, as of the time of this writing. Alexander, Dexter, and Baxter were growing fast and were ready for their forever homes.  In the mean time, they cozied up with Trish and Ray, and their mom and dad, who all live together just south of St. Louis.  

I have to say I’ve really gotten to know Trish since my search began in June.  I love her, and I know that the puppy I got from her have, in every way, been given the best start a puppy could have.  Sadly, over this past year, health problems took over, and Trish and Ray are no longer in business. 

I hope that what I've written here hits home with all of you out there searching for that perfect pup.  That you take the time to make a list of your wants and needs.  That you research and research breeds until you know the one (or ones) that will fit your lives best.  And I hope that you find that perfect place to adopt from. 

Warmest wishes, Trish.  Hope all is well.


This article was first published Saturday, September 18, 2010.