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Vintage Glass Jars to Organize and Store Our Favorite Things

All of us have used some type of vintage item as a favorite storage solution. Vintage and antique mason or apothecary jars, for example, are among the most popular. If not an original, than a vintage style glass or crystal jar with custom modification to enhance the vintage look, but clean it up a bit.

Beans, buttons, pasta, birthday gift bows, we store these items in vintage storage solutions every day. Why? Because the jars and the things we put in them are beautiful. Because there is a warmth and a pleasing aestheticism that you can only get from vintage styles. 

source: ethanollie -  pretty old things  - on Etsy

source: ethanollie - pretty old things - on Etsy

Glass jars can be transformed into a million different things. Use your imagination. Embellish them inside and out, however you like.

A few years ago, Elizabeth (Liz) Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love and other books, had started writing down her best moment of each day on slips of paper and  would put them in the jar you see below.  She stopped doing that for a while and decided to start that ritual up again, asking her fans on September 16th, 2012 if they'd like to join her.  It's a hit.  Now fans of Elizabeth (Liz) Gilbert show off photos of their awesome "Happiness Jars" on her Facebook page. Liz has tweeted about this too, so you can find conversations of happiness jars over on twitter as well.

On her timeline, Author Elizabeth Gilbert writes:

My own HAPPINESS JAR update: I've been so touched and delighted by the images of HAPPINESS JARS that are flooding this page every day from all over the world that I had to add one of my own to the mix! Here is my original HAPPINESS JAR, as guarded this afternoon by my cat, Millie. She is a shrewd and exacting judge of contentment, and her relaxed pose in this photo seems to indicate that ALL IS WELL. Have a great weekend, everyone, and many blessings—Liz

People have shared their own personal happiness jars and their alterations to the happiness jar's contents, rules, and purposes.  Some people have been filling them with personal notes, wishes, things they are thankful for, even little trinkets that serve as reminders of happy times.  Some people have personalized their jars so that they're as happy on the outside as on the inside.  I really like the idea of starting a new jar at the beginning of every year and looking through it at the end of the year, to remind yourself of what's happened throughout the year, how you've changed, some of the key experiences you've had that got you where you are today. 

Here are some of my favorite jars that people have posted for Liz to see.

happiness jar 1.jpg

Got any favorite vintage or vintage style glass jars or jar uses?  Share them with us at eyeonlifemagazine@gmail.com, Facebook, or let us know about it in the comments below.