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A Tip of The Hat to Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth won’t be the only one wearing hats during her Diamond Jubilee celebration this week-end.  People all over the UK, well, let’s make that all over the world, are joining in the festivities to celebrate this remarkable monarch’s 60 years on the throne. 

Sixty years is a long time.  Most of us have grown up, and some of us have grown old with her. She’s a more popular world figure today than she has ever been.  The Queen is a consistant figure in a turbulent world,and someone who, for most people in the world today, has just always been there.

So, while Britain celebrates in that very British way that they do so well,  the whole world joins in  the celebration.


Hats Off to Her Majesty


The Royal Barge and the Queen

  Todays festivities include an impressive royal flotilla on the River Thames and I intend to be watching  both on TV and online (and, of course on the lookout for hats of particular interest.)  It should be fun.  The Jubilee events continue for the next four days and the entire country seems to be one giant block party. 

Isn’t it nice that all of us all over the world can take part through the magic of technology?God Save the Queen and  Hat’s off to Her Majesty


 Some Super Festive Diamond Jubilee Hats


Toddler in a bowler at  a diamond jubilee celebration in  south west London


A festive Londoner in the rain

 An impromptu diamond jubilee hat at Epsom Downs yesterday


Now THAT is a hat— in London, of course


Street Party fun with dogs and crowns in London


A  Rhodesian Ridgeback in Toronto sports a Jubilee hat too


A Fast Look At Queen Elizabeth’s 60 Years On The Throne