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Be My Crazy Valentine Hat

Valentine’s Day may be about love, but wouldn’t you know, that if you look around you will find that it is also about hats.  There are lush Victorian Valentine hats


 Depression era and WWII  Valentines tended to feature plays on words and lots of innudendo. They could be very cute and sometimes downright strange.




And what sort of Valentine hats do we have today?  Well, there are valentine tractor hats, valentine baby hats, paper valentine hats, and for the ultimate in internet love, there are valentines hats that you can purchase for your valentine party on Second Life.  Ohhhh noes— it’s true— really!!




Personally, I’m going the Victorian route.  Ilike those big brims with lots of flowers.  However you choose to celebrate the day of the year dedicated to love, may I take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Valentines Day and lots of love all year round.