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Cutting Edge Crochet

Usually, I think of crochet hats as being for cute little babies or ground gripping grannies.  I don’t usually think of crochet as cutting edge fashion but then along came Zaini hats and knocked all my crochet preconceptions into a ( you should pardon the expression) cocked hat.

Zaini is a smart little boutique label that started in 2010 at a ski resort with a crochet hook and one pair of hands. One thing led to another and within a  year  Zaini’ crochet beanies were all over the slopes on smart, edgy, Gen-Y heads.

Now Zaini beanies and headbands are cropping up in other outdoor and sports venues all over the UK. The Edinburgh based business is turning heads abroad too.  I have no doubt that their wares will be cropping up here in North America very soon, if they aren’t already to be had in a few trendy ski boutiques.  Crochet isn’t just for babies anymore.

For more info explore their website store, which, so far as I know, is the only place outside the UK that you can order up your own cutting edge crochet beanies, headbands or sloppy slippers. The beanies are about twenty bucks which is very affordable chic. Prices are in GBP, but that’s why God made credit cards and online currency converters. 

They’ve got a Facebook page, blog, and Twitter account you can check out too.  Go ahead. Have a look.