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ETSIS Hats: High Fashion Sunbonnets for Sensitive Skin

ETSIS stands for ” Escaping the Sun in Style” and that is exactly what ETSIS hats are all about.


Women have known for generations that excessive sun exposure  produces wrinkles and pre-mature aging. Back in the day, pale skin, untouched by the sun, was a sign of affluence and the suntan was sported only by those forced to do hard work outside under the  harsh rays of the sun— Girls who helped on the family farm wore sunbonnets and long sleeves in the hottest weather

 Back in the days before sunscreen, city women, from factory workers to ladies of leisure, wore wide brimmed hats with feathers and veils and carried parasols, not just for fashion, but to protect from the sun.

Today, there is ETSIS— a fashion right and scientific solution to sun protection that provides  comfortable, protection to women of all ages and all walks of life.

 About ETSIS


ETSIS was born out of a personal need. Company founder and CEO,Devra Wathen, had several pre-cancerous growths  removed from her face and neck a few years ago.

Facing the hot sun of her Hawaiian home was no longer an option for her.  She was under strict orders from her doctor to protect herself from the sun’s rays in order to avoid future skin cancers.

How to go out in the sun without looking like a beekeeper was the fashion problem?  ETSIS hats were Devra Walthen’s fabulous solution.

The hats, with their adjustable, snap-in panels,  protect not only the head, but also the face, cheeks, mouth and neck—areas which 95%of sunhats leave dangerously exposed.

In less than five years ETSIS hats have gained popularity all over the world and have also earned the approval of the Melanoma International Foundation.

There’s more information and an online store at the company website. Go on over and have a look.The site is so user friendly and full of beautiful pictures and useful information that you will definitely want to stay and look around. 

You can also find ETSIS on Facebook and Twitter.