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Fab Fifties Hat Photos By Henry Clarke

 In the 1950’s the world was on a roll, recovering from wartime stress and austerity. Fashion was lush, Paris was liberated, and Dior celebrated peace with his “ New Look”, revitalizing fashion everywhere, but particularly in a newly affluent American economy.  Skirts were long, heels were high and a lady still wore a hat for all important occasions.


Henry Clarke photographed the best of Fifties fashion for a variety of publications including Harpers Bazaar and Vogue ( French, British, and American editions). A transplanted American who lived and worked in France, his fashion photography of the 1950’s and ‘60’s, particularly for French Vogue, chronicled the post WWII era in women’s fashion on both sides of the Atlantic with unmatched style and verve.

I found these Henry Clarke hat photos at  Brabourne Farm, a delightful blog from down under, and on a delectable fashion blog called Sweet Fancy Treat .  A tip of my hat to them both, for sure.

cocktail hats with bows and veils were fashion forward

Turban with big, sassy bow

Nothing like a pert pillbox for evening

Givenchy Day Dress with stylish, feminine hat

Chignon Cap by Givenchy-1955

Perfect vintage week-end outfit, hat, mink and Vuitton luggage