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Five Hats To Drink Beer In

Talk about re-cycling!  These hats, made from repurposed  beer cartons and upcycled beer cans, bring new meaning to the words ” high fashion.”  Wouldn’t they be great for tailgating? or the big game?? or the beach?? or a back yard barbeque? or that big St. Patricks Day Parade and party you’re going to next week?  I dare you— go ahead.  You know you want to.  Click on the links under the pix for more info or to purchase. 

A quick disclaimer.  I found these hats through a Google search and have nothing to do with the online shops that sell them, nor are they advertisers on this site.  I just think the idea of hats to drink beer in is quite cool and was amazed to find how many beer themed hats were available online.

Coors Top Hat. Sold onlline at the Beer Hat Shop. $32.50 You’ll get attention wearing this.


…or how about a Lone Star Beer Cowboy Hat made from a real Lone Star carton. Also from the Beer Hat Shop  Yours for only $22.50.  Perfect for the next Barbeque


Beer Cans And Crochet— Better Together?

 I’m not sure how I feel about these, but they are hand made and can be custom ordered and come in a variety of styles featuring a broad range of beers. The stye has been around ever since the ‘60’s and they do have a certain vintage flair, dontchathink?

I found this one on Etsy. You can buy on for yourself for only $33.00

Here’s another Etsy Beer Hat. Yours for only $30.00


One Last Hat For Dos Equis XX Fans

Dos Equis XX Bottle Opener Alcohol Beer Hat - Oversized Logo Adjustable Baseball Cap

 It’s got a built in bottle opener on the brim. Click on the link to order it from Amazon for $16.99


Happy Week-end Folks— Party On!!!