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Hats Go Seriously High Tech With the ZapHat

Imagine an app that when it reads the logo on your hat, can turn you into the zombie of your dreams  or whatever you want to be?

I ran across  Zaphat this morning on TechCrunch  and could barely believe  what I was reading. Zaphat goes way beyond fashion and personal style to gamesmanship and augmented reality.  Wearing a zaphat is like actually being your avatar.  It brings the whole " Second Life" thing to a whole new level.  It's a hat that is much much more than a fashion statement.

Here's how it works.  The logo on  a perfectly ordinary knit cap  acts as the target for an iOS/Android app that uses Augmented Reality to transform the wearer of the hat into an avatar Through the magic of tech, Clark Kent becomes Superman. Is that mind blowing or what? 

This is going to totally rock the youth market and the implications for the broader fashion world are  amazing.  Imagine this a fashion week in New York or Paris?

Go on over to Zappar.com to check it out and download the app yourself.   And stop by TechCrunch to read  the more detailed post over there.