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Kate Middleton and Her Fascinating Fascinator


Last week was London Fashion Week, and the British fashion industry  could talk of nothing but Kate Middleton as they navigated the catwalks and runways.  The collections unfolded in an atmosphere of anticipation.  There was a lot of talk about the wedding and gossip about the dress, the guests, and all the things there were to be speculated upon.

But at the end of the week, far away from London’, the soon to be Princess was making fashion news of her own in Wales, as she cracked a bottle of champagne over the bow of a new rescue boat, christening it in her first official appearance as a soon to be member of the royal family.

The oohs and ahs were  not just for her fashion sense and royal aplomb ( thought both were impressive)

Ahhhh no— the  real kudos were reserved for her hat— a cunning little ” fascinator” perched at a jaunty angle atop chestnut hair.  It really looked beautiful and was ( to coin a phrase) the crowning touch.  I know we are soon going to be seeing a lot of these fascinators everywhere, and that is definitely a good thing….. just one more sign that hats are back in a big way.

Designed and made by Vivien Sheriff Millinery, Kate’s fascinator, according to People Magazine’s report.

…is made of chocolate brown velvet and trimmed with feathers (mostly pheasant) that match the rich brown of Kate’s outfit. It also features a cameo and badges from a military uniform maker – including, fittingly, a Welsh badge.

Tasteful, fitting, and  just right for a fascinating, fairy tale princess.