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Mad Hatter Hats

With the release of Disney’s new version of Alice in Wonderland , The Mad Hatter is in the news again,along with Alice, The Red Queen, The Cheshire Cat, the White Rabbit and the rest of the down down the rabbit hole gang.

The book was one of my childhood favorites and from the beginning I loved the Mad Hatter and the tea party scene best of all. I can’t imaagine anybody better to play the Mad Hatter in his newest incarnation than Johnny Depp. You can bet I’m going to see this one on the big screen . Can’t wait to hear Johnny Depp recite ” twinkle twinkle little bat, how I wonder where you’re at”  or ask ” why is a raven like a writing desk?”  (which I still  think is still a burning question.)

Oh well, maybe I am simply mad as a hatter myself. Have a look at all these Mad Hatter hats available on the internet. As Alice would say, it is all just ” curiouser and curiouser.”


A tip of my own mad hat to  Walyou. com  which  featured this Mad Hatter Baseball cap on their blog with a whole group of beautiful, hand crafted  Alice in Wonderland themed baseball caps  designed by Matthew Colombini.  Not sure how much these cost or where they can be bought but they are so cool I just had to include them.  If you know where they are available, please leave a comment and I’ll add the information to this post.


 The Blonde Swan on Etsy will sell you a really elegant  Mad Hatter Top Hat for $169.99. Constructed entirely from smooth black leather and accented by a detailed hatband with antiqued brass buckle, this crazy chapeau  has a generously flared top and slyly curled brim keeping true to this storybook design.



How cute is this little Mad Hatter doggie outfit?  It’s from Young Urban Puppy at Etsy.com. The perfect gift for your favorite dog’s unbirthday and it’s only $16.50  Order two. Why not?

Moving down the line for a costume party or some Saturday night fun, choose from adult of children’s models and a variety of styles. This one is a real bargain.   It’s only $9.95 at Century Novelty.com 



How about a funky but fun  Mad Hatter cap for only $24.95 from the Village Hat Shop.com


Well it’s not a hat, but it is a life-size cardboard cutout of Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter. Don’t you want one?  It’s yours for only $34.95 . Order it online here


And here’s the trailer. Pass the popcorn and let’s watch the show.