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Nothing Says St. Patricks Day Like a Green Hat



On the other hand, you don’t want to wear a green hat in China, even on St. Patrick’s Day because it seems that in China, ” wearing a green hat” is an expression used in reference to a married man whose wife is cheating on him.  

That’s somethig the little fellow above isn’t going to have to worry about for a long long time, but I am thinking about all the Irishmen and would- be Irishmen( because everybody is Irish on St. Patricks Day) who will be wearing green hats  tomorrow and wondering if there won’t be some Chinese tourists taking sureptitious pictures of them to post on facebook.

The moral of this story is :  Don’t  hold your  St. Patricks Day party in a Chinese restaurant, or if you do, don’t wear a green hat.

 Erin go Bragh y’all — hats off to the Irish— especially GREEN hats :-)