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Reblogging The Hats of Downton Abbey


Yes, I admit it, I’m a Downton Abbey fan.  I’ve watched every episode of Seasons one and two and can hardly wait for season three, when Lady Mary and Matthew will finally start a life together and the path of true love will probably not run smooth.  I haven’t had this much fun since Upstairs Downstairs back in the day.

Half the reason I watch is for the sets, the costumes and, of course, the hats! So, I was totally psyched when  this morning I ran across a fabulous post about the Hats of Downton Abbey  by anibundal  on a blog called  I Should Have Been A Blogger. 

I’m reblogging a selection of Downton Abby hat  pictures here just to whet your appetite.  For a look at more plus expert tongue in cheek comments, follow the links above over to the original post and have yourself a good look, a good read, and a good laugh.

The perfect lady in the perfect, Edwardian hat.  Lady Grantham  is one of my favorite Downton Abbey characters. I hear that in Season three, Shirley MacLaine will play her mother who comes to visit from America.  That should be fun as well as an occasion for a few more sensational hats.


Maggie Smith, as the Honorable Dowager Countess Violet, aka Lady Mary’s grandmama not only steals the show but wears the most fabulous hats.  Wonderful is too weak a word. She turns sneering into a high artform.


Hats were not just for the upper classes at Downton.  Here you see Anna and Ethyl in their dress uniforms sporting ruffled ” hatlets” ( Don’t you just love Anna?)


And of course, on her day off or when she goes to town, Anna wears a hat.  Everybody did back then, even babies.   I bet she’s wearing gloves too.  Next to Maggie Smith, she’s my favorite character I think….so  salt of the earth and just plain good….. and she  looks good in hats!

Many more photos are on the original blogpost. So, for a good romp through the hats of Downton Abbey, hie yourself on over there and have a look. 

  Hats off to the Hats of Downton Abbey and to the people who blog them