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Seventh Inning Stretch San Francisco Style


 So, in the middle of the seventh inning at Thursday’s baseball game between the Philadelphia Phillies and the San Francisco Giants Terry Nelson sailed onto the field during the traditional seventh inning stretch and belted out God Bless America for the fans.  We are talking a big lady in an even bigger hat and a scene that was pretty flamboyant, even by San Francisco standards.

Turns out the lady and the hat are from a long running San Francisco musical review called Beach Bingo Babylon.  The musical and the hat have been around since 1974 when the show opened, but who’s counting. 

Hats off to the Phillies— they’re still in it— they won the game 4 to 2.  The two teams meet again tomorrow in Philadelphia for game 6 of the National League Playoffs

The game will be exciting, but I don’t think Philadelphia can match San Francisco’s seventh inning stretch.