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The Hats of Elizabeth II

When Britain’s Queen, Elizabeth II, crossed the Atlantic last week to visit Canada and speak at the United Nations in New York, all people could talk about was her hats.  I can see why.  The lady has 500 of them and they are all pretty terrific. 

One Canadian commentator pointed out rather snarkily,” you would think that in tough times she could do with fewer hats.” I don’t think so. Hats have been her thing since she became queen in 1952. Her hats are the record of her reign. The hats of Queen Elizabeth II say as much about the world as they do about her. Here is a chonological glimpse.

A  young Princess Elizabeth during WWII


The official wedding photograph, 1947


Coronation Photo with very impressive headwear


  The Sixties

Riding with President Ronald Reagan in 1982— no hat just a scarf

The ultimate hat for a Queen ( 1980’s I think)


2007 visit to USA


In Richmond Virginia in 2007


Christmas 2008


Royal Ascot, 2009


July, 2010 in Canada


I love that she wore a hat to address the UN on July 7th


This one ( 2009) is my personal fave. 


Make those budget cuts somewhere else. I say ” Hat’s off”  to the Queen