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What Is Up With British Royalty And Their Hats?


No sooner do we get over the brouhaha of the hats of the Royal Wedding (the shocking chapeau of Princess Beatrice in particular), then The Duchess of Cornwall, and the newly minted Duchess of Cambridge, (aka Camilla and Kate) are caught posing in a pair of over the top toppers on the occasion of the annual Garter Ceremony this past Monday.  Check them out!

Not since Carneby Street in the Sixties has British fashion been so cutting-edge. And never, in my memory, have British Royals been quite so adventurous with their headgear.  Hats are the new crowns, it seems.  Wonder what will be coming next? I could not resist re-blogging this picture, published today on the website of the Los Angeles Times.

I don’t think we’ll be seeing these two royal hats on ebay anytime soon, but I bet they would each fetch a tidy sum for charity, just like Princess Beatrice’s flying buttress wedding hat did.

Hats off to British Royalty and their marvelously inventive hats.