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Where Did you get that hat?

Don’t we all love a fabulous hat?  It seems to be hardwired into us.  Ever since the first cave man threw an animal skin over his head to protect it from sun, or rain, snow and wind, we humans have been wearing head coverings.  But a hat is also much more than clothing.  From ancient times, hats and headcoverings have had symbolic meanings and cultural significance.   From military helmets to Amish bonnets,  you can tell a lot by a glance at the headgear ( in the case of the military, the rank of the soldier and in the case of the Amish girl, whether or not she is married)

Hats have developed with humans as they spread out across the globe and have a wonderful and varied history of their own.  They are also, beautiful, practical, made from an astounding range of materials and used for some things you might never imagine.

So join us here on A Hat for all Seasons as we explore the wonderful world of hats, including who wears them, how they are made and where to buy them.  Where did you get that hat, anyway?