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Who Is Lara Jensen?


Is she milliner, costume designer, or just plain fabulous creative artist?  No matter what you call her, Lara Jensen is causing a stir with her head turning, show stopping headgear. 

Much of it is not for the likes of you and me, but her clients, people like Lady Gaga, Peaches, Guy Ritchie, Jessie J and Karl Lagerfeld, can’t get enough and neither can major studios and cutting edge fashion publications.

According to her online bio:

“After winning a scholarship to study for an MA in Costume Design for Performance, at the London College of Fashion, Lara has gone on to generate a reputation for creating bespoke pieces for advertising, artists, catwalk, TV and film. Her innovative and elaborate designs display her technical expertise and a true talent for design.”

I could not have put it better myself. The photos above, snitched from her website, give you a tiny taste of  Lara’s work.  Follow the link to her website for more.  When it comes to unique and smashing headgear for celebs onstage and off, Lara Jensen is somebody to watch.

Jewel headpiece for Inbar Spector

Jewel headpiece for Inbar Spector

 Headpiece for Ebony Bones Warrior Video

 Headpiece for Ebony Bones Warrior Video