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It all started with a robin. He’d been hopping across the lawn, getting some early worms — that incidentally, wouldn’t have been got if they hadn’t been so darned early. Then, he flew up into the Star Magnolia, which we enjoy from the breakfast table, and began tugging and twisting at one of the swollen furry buds just beginning to show pink fruits along their seams.

We watched his efforts with interest, but our elderly overnight house guest waxed indignant, “Good gracious,” she exclaimed, “aren’t you going to doi anything about it? Chase him away, or something. All those lovely blossoms! How about hanging pieces of tin in the branches?”


My co-gardener and I exchanged glances. “I don’t fancy,” I ventured, “gazing out of a spring window at a tree full of tin.  Anyway, I’m curious to see what he’s up to.” 

After a considerable struggle, the bird succeeded in wrenching off the bud. He flew with it to a neighboring Dogwood tree, where evidentially he was taking steps to reline last year’s nest. Apparently, he found gathering the furry Magnolia buds too hard work — at least, he did not return for more.

Taking It Easy - Mother Nature’s Way

Our friend’s evident horror at this slight theft is evidence of what, for want of a better term, may be called the “garden jitters” — worrying about too many things which, if given a chance, may right themselves.  Seems to me, it’s one of the many things that are wrong today — people stressing over details that will take care of themselves. Perhaps we are taking far too seriously the normal ups and downs, or at least the downs, not only in life — but also in gardening operations. Nature is a great balancer — if you but give her a little more time!

The hurricane of a few years ago took down our largest and most prized tree. At the time, this seems an irreparable loss. Within a few months, we realized that it had been a blessing in disguise. The huge space it had made useless, is now our most intriguing garden area, and the disappearance of its sky-reaching network of branches allows welcome winter sunshine to pour into south windows, while less dominating and demanding trees, now having a chance to develop, supply summer shade where it is needed.

It is remarkable, too, how many flowers, not too happy where we elected to put them, have in their own way escaped and found themselves more congenial conditions. These volunteers have the most remarkable facility in selecting spots where they enhance the garden picture!

So take it easy — both in and outside the garden — and give Nature a chance to work for you in a major way, instead of worry too much about her minor vagaries. Let her do her own balancing so you can do yours in harmony with her ever amazing beauty.