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Garden Trends and Picks -- Watering Cans

The air inside the farm auction barn was thick with multiple “I’ve got to have its!”  There were four of us, all women, each determined to own the coveted prize.  This one was special.

The outside copper patina was just rich enough with usage beauty marks to ascertain it was the real deal, not some modern day clone.  The large rounded serpentine handle was magnificent.  It’s head surely looked gentle and even for even the most fragile of plants.  The delicate spout was as near perfect as any I’ve ever seen.  I so wanted it to be mine — all mine!

The other three women all apparently felt the same way.  this antique copper watering can should have gone for no more than forty dollars.  Yet, it cost me two hundred and twenty dollars, simply because my pride would not allow anyone else to own it.

Of course, my husband was certain I’d lost my mind, because he quickly whisked my bidders number out of my hot hand.  As I triumphantly paid for my antique copper watering can, the local Amish farm women were snickering about “hobby farmers and their city-slicker women-folk.”

OK.  I’m guilty as charged.  It wasn’t meant for watering my garden.  It was to be a centerpiece for our cabin kitchen table, complete with cut flowers and my own touches of hand-painted bouquets on each side.

I still love rustic and old watering cans.  Today, my high bid sits with two other hand-decorated pitcher style watering cans that we lugged back from a vacation in Spain. those only cost me a couple of Euros, and have a lot less buyer’s remorse attached to them.

On the more practical side of me, I like using watering cans in certain parts of my gardens.  Old fashioned water hoses just don’t cut it when it comes to certain plants and garden areas.  Sometimes garden hoses are too cumbersome and just too much trouble.  The same goes for automatic watering systems, only in their case, the downsides have more to do with control of water direction and maintenance costs.

Watering Can Considerations

You would think that the simple task of buying a watering can would require little or no real thought beyond getting one for a reasonable price.  The truth is, there are five important considerations when choosing a watering can, they are:

  • Size — It is vital to get a watering can that is the right size for the job.  If you intend to use one for outside in-the-ground plants, you’ll want a larger one.  If you are watering patio or container plants, you should go for a medium sized watering can.  However, for indoor or over-head hanging plants, always get a smaller and light-weight watering can.
  • Spout Length And Width — some plants do not like getting their leaves wet.  Other plants are just simply hard-to-water by virtue of where they are placed.  In both cases, you’ll want to choose a longer and narrower spout for more control.
  • Ease Of Lifting — If you chose a large watering can, be sure once it is filled with water that you can still life it.
  • Handles — When opting for a larger watering can, always choose one with a reinforced handle or even better, a non-slip handle.
  • Material Construction — Choose heavy duty poly, or high grade plastic watering cans for best long-term durability and larger watering cans.  Choose stainless steel and copper watering cans for good looks and strength.  Select ultra-light weight plastic watering cans for indoor or small number of plants.

Recommendations For Popular Watering Cans

Heavy Duty (Large)

Dramm Swiss Watering Can

Features:  High grade plastic, balance, double reinforced comfortable handle, long spout, and wide sprinkler head.  Almost 2 gallons (7 liters).

Style:  Comes in dark green, dark blue, red, and yellow.

Available:  Dramm Consumer Products

Price Range:  Average $30.00 USD

Duraco JW82 Garden Watering Cans

Features:  Heavy duty durable polly, comfortable handle and gentle wide sprinkler head.  Two gallons (7.6 liters).

Style:  Comes in Cobalt Blue, green, red, plum, and white

Available:  Shop Home And Garden

Price Range:  Under $10 USD



Medium Sized Watering Cans

Gardman Copper Watering Can

Features:  Oval shaped, large rounded handle, large sprinkler head, with a galvanized zinc interior lining.  1 gallon (3 liters).

Style: Comes in an assortment of styles and finishes, all copper.

Available:  Backyard Discount Gardens

Price Range:  $7.00 USD to $85.00 USD

Small Sized Watering Cans

OXO Mini Pour and Store Watering Can

Features:  Indoor or patio ease of use, lightweight, removable sprinkler attachment, long spout, and non-slip handle.  1 quart.

Style:  Comes in yellow only.

Available:  Oxo Products

Price Range:  $10.00 and up USD

Rumford Stainless Steel Watering Can

Features:  Modern sleek style, light weight, with a long narrow spout.  1 quart.

Available:  Kaboodle

Price Range:  $20.00 USD and up