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QUESTION: Do pineapples have seeds, and if so, can a pineapple be grown from them?
——- Dori, from Woodbridge, VA



If you were to cut up a pineapple from the grocery store to eat, you would see small dark brown seeds behind the eyes. Most people know that pineapple plants are primarily propagated by planting the plant, the roots for the next pineapple being located there.

Pineapples are Bromeliad’s. Some plants in the Bromeliad family can be also started from seed, but you’d have to be very patient, because they are really slow to germinate and to flower. Also, it’s not as reliable a way to start a pineapple plant. Remember, pineapple plants started from seeds may not produce pineapples in all cases. However, you never know, and it can be fun to try.

Also, to start them from seed, simply plant the seeds on top of some starting mix, moisten, and keep them in light at least 60 degrees to 70 degrees F. Be sure to cover the tray with clear plastic wrap to keep in moisture. Remove the plastic only after the seeds sprout. Absolutely, do not expect to see germination for at least ninety days.


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