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Along the Seashore Book Review

Book takes kids into the world of rock pools and hermit crabs. “Along the Seashore”

by Ann Cooper

Illustrated by Dorothy Emerling 

Denver Museum of Natural History Press


Search for treasures Along the Seashore (Wild Wonders Series).

So its summer, and you want to go to the seashore to see dolphins, sea stars, hermit crabs and other between-tide animals.

Not sure how you’ll get there?  Well, get out your sunscreen and flippers and pull out your copy of “Along the Seashore” By Ann Cooper.  You’ll learn lots about this special place.  It features detailed and captivating illustrations by Dorothy Emerling.

Just in time for summer, “Along the Seashore” made it’s debut in 1997 as addition to the Wild Wonders Series published by the Denver Museum of Natural History.  This series introduces children, through stories and simply presented facts, to the concept of ecosystems.

“Along the Seashore” starts off with a treasure map of seashore places where the links of life take place.  The land of tides then comes to life, for there’s fun to be found in Sea Star’s Journey, meals to be had at Crab’s House, and excitement all around with Dolphin’s Baby.

The lives of all, big and small, weave together in the wondrous world of rock pools, beaches and oceans.  And no one is safe from the dangers lurking around every corner, whether from Orcas (‘killer” whales), scorching sun, or battering waves.

Two more of Cooper’s books from the museum’s Wild Wonders Series — “Bats:Swift Shadows in the Twilight,’ adn “Eagles: Hunters of the Sky” — have won awards.  She lives in Boulder, CO.

Dorothy Emerling lives in Nederland, and is an artist-de-signer for the U.S. Department of Wildlife, the Denver Zoo, and the National Audubon Society.