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Walter Dean Myers' Harlem, Children's Poetry Picture Book Critique and Activities

Walter  Dean Myers and Christopher Myers (father and son) have collaborated for  a second time (first with Shadow of the Red Moon), this time with the  inspired and impassioned Harlem. The text is set in 14 point Gothic no.  2; a bold font elaborating on the powerful story of Harlem brought to  life in this over-sized poetry picture book.

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Along the Seashore Book Review

So its summer, and you want to go to the seashore to see dolphins, sea stars, hermit crabs and other between-tide animals.

Not sure how you’ll get there?  Well, get out your sunscreen and flippers and pull out your copy of “Along the Seashore” By Ann Cooper.  You’ll learn lots about this special place.  It features detailed and captivating illustrations by Dorothy Emerling.

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The Magician's Nephew Critique and Activities for Lesson Plans

There seems to be no end to the magic of C.S. Lewis.  In this, the first book in the renumbered series, “The Chronicles of Narnia”, Digory’s Uncle Andrew tricks Digory and Polly into using magic rings.  The two children find themselves on an adventure they will not soon forget, and adventure that has them crossing worlds, encountering an evil queen, and witnessing the creation of the land of Narnia.

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Bouki Dances the Kokioko - Critique

This humorous tale, (first published in Diane Wolkstein's collection The Magic Orange Tree and Other Haitian Folktales) is a wonderful way to introduce children to Haiti’s popular characters: the gullible Bouki and the cunning Malice.

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Ben and Me by Robert Lawson Historical Fantasy Biography Critique and Activities for Lesson Plans

In his forward, Robert Lawson explains that the story told in this book was curiously found in a small room, eighteen inches square.  It was found in “a manuscript book, the leaves of which, about the size of postage stamps, were covered with minute writing.”  Not only was this manuscript proven authentic, but, in fact, the “officials of the National Museum of Natural History,” stated “that, incredible as it might seem, there could be no possible doubt that the handwriting was that of — a mouse!”  This mouse was named Amos, inseparable friend and confidant to none other than Benjamin Franklin.

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Tulips by Jay O'Callahan Children's Picture Book Critique and Activities for Lesson Plans

On the back cover of this book, smack dab in the middle, under a gorgeously plump, dangling cat, reads, "Don't  you just love surprises?"  The answer is yes, especially when it comes to a witty and charming book such as this.

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