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Inspiration Behind the book: The Midnight Mouse

Picture books for children are special, not only for the children but also for the adults who often either read them aloud or help the child read them on their own.

Recently, I read via Kindle on my IPhone, a delightful little book, perfect to have stored to read to the little ones, entitled The Midnight Mouse by Cindy Vine.  What I loved about the Kindle version, was the fact that I now have at my hands a handy little story that can be read again and again to the newest addition to our family.  There's a lot to be said for books that travel in your purse, always ready and waiting for that fussy time when your wee one needs to be pulled into your lap and quieted down.

There is nothing more joyful than a story that has a surprise ending!

There is nothing more joyful than a story that has a surprise ending!

Since picture books tend to be short and sweet, I'm not going to give a spoiler here, but I am going to discuss the need for more picture books that are available in multi-media formats.  First of all, it's important to know what makes a good picture book for small children.  The key elements are as short and simple as the books themselves. 

  • They need to be picture rich and color.
  • The story line needs to be easily understood.
  • The ending needs to hold a surprise or a sentiment that the child will want to hear again and again.

Additionally, what I also  like to do is purchase the same book in the print edition so that the child can have the story to hold in their hands.  This is also desirable for at bedtime or nap time.

The Midnight Mouse by Cindy Vine is available on Amazon.com

The Midnight Mouse by Cindy Vine is available on Amazon.com

Interview With:  Cindy Vine -

Author of The Midnight Mouse


Virtually all authors need to find inspiration if they hope to have a successful career in writing.  Sometimes that inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places.  That’s the story behind The Midnight Mouse. 

Recently in an interview with Cindy Vine she revealed the following:

The Interview - Author Cindy Vine

JW:  "What sources do authors and wanna-be authors have in today’s book publishing markets?

Here are the top ten places according to author Cindy Vine:

  1. Createspace for publishing your book as a paperback and on kindle.
  2. Smashwords for publishing your book in the other e-book formats.
  3. Amazon for publishing your book on kindle, but also for you to write reviews on all the books you read.  This is important for the marketing efforts for your own book.
  4. Goodreads great for posting reviews, organizing book giveaways, and they also have very informative forums.
  5. Shelfari great for posting reviews and have some good forums as well.
  6. Freado/Bookbuzzr is great for marketing your books through their cover match game.  They also give you a handy widget to put on your website which lets people look inside your book.
  7. Youtube for your book trailers.
  8. BeFunky.com for making illustrations for children’s books.
  9. Kindle Nation Daily for listing free kindle promotions and for keeping a track of your sales rank.
  10. Author Marketing Experts run by Penny Sansevieri www.amarketingexpert.com. Sends you a newsletter with excellent marketing tips and links.

JW:  I know that you often find your inspiration in people watching and in the case of The Midnight Mouse, this is especially true.  The inspirational character for this story was both amusing and fascinating.   It left me wondering if his midnight adventures might lend themselves to other stories since young children are usually fascinated with the mysteries of what happens when they are sleeping.  Do you have any more picture books planned with this main character and the others? " 

CV:  I shall definitely be doing more picture books with these characters.    I have to take more photos of them when I am next in Cape Town!  I am wanting to do a whole series that is great for read-alouds and beginner readers.  At this age, children devour books and I think  with the iPad and Kindle Fire, parents can build up a large library of children's picture books which they can share with their child.

JW:  What other sources of inspiration do you use for your many published books?

CV:  I have always been a people-watcher and find the inspiration from the lives of people around me and close to me. My family has a joke, be careful what you say, as you might read it in one of Cindy's books!  I enjoy reading and following the current events and my novel in progress came from a newspaper article I read, combined with some one close to me's messy separation from their partner.

You take bits and pieces you hear, overhear, stories people might tell you about people they know, and you weave it all into your plot with a healthy dose of imagination and your own life experiences and create something original.

JW:  I know you to be a prolific author, what can your devoted fans expected in future books?

CV:  I have a few things I am working on at present. A novel called Hush Baby which is a bit dark. I'm always intrigued by man's evil side, but I think it's going to be a gripping read many can relate to. I'm also working on a biography of my late cousin called Diary of a Dancer. It contains the diary he kept the last year of his life as he fought a losing battle against AIDS. Then, I plan to work on more children's picture books. I plan to spend the coming summer writing up a storm!

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