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Writing Custom Photo Postcards

Postcard writing is not a lost art form, despite what one may think.  We do our own version of postcard writing on Facebook, tumblr, twitter, texts, instant messaging and photo sharing.  In fact we are closer to the newest and best form of postcard writing than we ever were because of all these social media.  And with digital cameras, photo phones, and fabulous photo printers, we can make our own custom photo postcards in a snap, without much effort, and with a lot of love.

You see, postcards are about sharing a moment in time with the people you like and love, not just vacation moments.  We share what we made for dinner, the walk we took at the park, our attempts at remodeling, and of our cats or dogs sleeping in funny places.  Sending these moments through the mail captures those moments in a more permanent way than via phones, pads, and notebooks. 

What do I write about?

Write about anything you want.

  • Something short and sweet.
  • A thought that came to you.
  • The weather.
  • Where you're going to dinner.
  • A movie you went to see; did you have popcorn, a refill on your soda, trouble hearing because of the loudmouths behind you, someone kicking the back of your seat.
  • A walk you took.
  • A flower you picked and where.
  • Been thinking about something lately?

Still stuck? Here are some terrific and "creative" postcard letters that may spark some inspiration followed by a link on how to store custom photo postcards you've received or will want to send. 

Accept an invitation with Custom Photo Postcards:

Dear Bernice,

Just received your invitation.  Wanted to write to let you know that I can come to your Bingo Babes disco Fiasco Reunion Party.  I'm looking forward to it and have my blotter ready.  But I need to know what BYOB means.

Thanks, Kathy

Send your condolences with Custom Photo Postcards:

Dear Mona,

Heard your dog just died.  Thought you might like to go dancing, keep your mind off matters.  If Friday night sounds good, I'll pick you up at eight.  Just drop me a line and let me know.

Your friend, Stanley

Communicate your concerns with Custom Photo Postcards:

Dear Rich,

Someone keeps calling me and breathing into the phone and then hanging up.  I was wondering if that was you.  My mom says it's not a funny prank and that you're stalking me. If this is true, I'd like my binoculars back and my Clone Wars trading card back too.


Let your friends know how you're doing, the long and the short of it, with custom photo postcards:

1)   My Dearest Tulip,

Lunch was horrid today.  I made a nice fresh salad only to find that my cucumbers had rotted.  I had left them in the plastic too long.  You know how I hate salad without fresh cucumber.  Needless to say, I had to throw away perfectly good lettuce and sliced tomatoes, clipped radishes, and beets.  I tried to feed it to my little Maxim, but he wouldn't dare touch it without the cucumbers either.  Dogs are smarter than we give them credit for.  Sigh.

Yours truly, Wilhelmina

PS By the time this gets to you I may have starved to death.  Please do check on me. 

2)   Dear Janice,

I can't find my slippers again.  I think "they" have broken into my house and stolen them.  This is the 3rd time this week.  Shall have to rig all entries with barbed wire and metal bells.  If this doesn't work, will have to seal all cracks with electrical tape (it's the only kind I have, so hope it works.)

Yours, Debbie

Send an invite with custom photo postcards:

Dear Emily,

Hank finally kicked the bucket.  Thought you might like to know.  Funeral's day after tomorrow.  Party after.  Lots of singles so don't wear your sweats.


And finally - Having a barbeque? Let your neighbor know with a Picture Perfect Postcard:

Dear Mr. Goopchev,

Went to the butcher today.  Will be barbecuing.  Please keep your pet inside between 6 and 8 pm as I am having a candlelight barbecue soiree and do not wish to lose any meat, or guests.  Thank you for your sincere cooperation and understanding in this matter. 

Your neighbor, Ms. McArthur

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