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Vintage Rag Curls Overnight

Beautiful, soft, romantic hair styles for all hair types.  That's what vintage rag curls offer every woman and girl.  They are simpler to do than one would think. 


Take any photograph. Show it to anyone in the world.  They will instinctively have an initial reaction to it, an opinion, a judgement.  Whether they realize it or admit it, they have, they do, they will.  It's nature's way, simple as that.   

Fashion, of every kind, holds the same normality. 

You either like it or you don't.  You're either curious or disinterested.  You're either enchanted or repulsed.

We read fashion magazines and visit fashion blogs because in them there is something we want, something that we are hoping for, something that makes us feel. 

You'll find Fashion Editorial is instinctual.  Human.  A place where style is second nature.

Photos, videos, essays, history, opinions, and "how-to"s on: hair, skin, clothes, accessories, and everything fashion... here.

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