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Vintage Rag Curls Overnight

Beautiful, soft, romantic hair styles for all hair types.  That's what vintage rag curls allow.  They are simpler to do than one would think.  You can use strands of ribbons, torn soft t-shirts or undershirts, very thin socks or cut up stockings, thin silky scarves, even over sized hankies. The tighter you wind them, the tighter the curl, the more hair you allot for each curl, the thicker the curl (see the Tips and Styles section below for more information).

Vintage rag curls are how I got my curls to do what I wanted them to do without damaging my hair.  It's how my mother got hers when she was younger.  It's how her mother got hers.


    • Step one, wash your hair.
    • Step two, collect your ribbons or rags.
    • Step three, while your hair is still wet separate your hair into sections.
    • Step four, place the rags on the underside of your hair and wrap it up.
    • Step five, once you get 2-3 inches away from your scalp tie off the rag.
    • Step six, continue steps four and five through the rest of your hair.
    • Step seven, wait till your hair is dry or blow-dry it.
    • Step eight, unravel the rags.
    • Step nine, gently loosen up your curls.
    • Step ten, personalize your look.

    (Be sure to check out our favorite rag curls video below tips and styles.) 

    TIPS AND STYLES:  For larger bouncier curls, when separating your hair use thicker sections and wrap it loosely. For tighter shorter curls, use many small sections of hair and wrap the rags tightly. If you only want curls on the bottom, tie your rag or ribbon off half way.  If you don't have time in the morning do this the night before and sleep on it instead of drying it and take out the rags when you wake up.

    There are many ways to personalize your look such as putting it up in a ponytail, taking a small part from the front and bring it back with a pin or clip, even taking the top front of your hair and braiding it down the back letting the rest of your hair flow with curls.

    Check out this amazing how-to video on rag curls below.