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Adorable Big Hair Bows for Your Little Girl

Every day is a special occasion and one’s style should in some way always reflect that.
— Michelle PG Richardson

Baby Photographer Cheryl Taylor Hyde

A Little Big Ribbon Hair Bow Story from the 1940s

My mother grew up in Athens, Greece in the 1940s and 50s.  Every Saturday she would walk to the gardens with her grandfather, over cracked sidewalks in front of disheveled buildings.  If you were visiting you'd never know that inside those buildings were the most gorgeous marble staircases and walls, delicious crown moldings, and crystal chandeliers that sparkled as though nothing had ever happened. And what does this have to do with adorable big bows for your baby?  It has to do with style.  Style that makes us smile and forget our troubles. 

You see, if you happened upon this little girl while walking to the gardens with her grandfather, you  would never even notice the state of stress which so much of the architecture had endured in the bombings.  She, like most of the wealthier and more fashionable children in Athens, wore very stylish and very large bows in their hair.  They were placed either to one side, or on the very tip top.  Navy blue, turquoise, white, a whispery pink, polka dotted, striped, each bow perfected and set by hand.  Each bow a bold statement.  Each bow an adorable embellishment.  

Big Hair Bows Today

Little girl with ribbon hair bow, early 1940s Greece.

Little girl with ribbon hair bow, early 1940s Greece.

Over the last few decades big hair bows for little ones have mostly been created and saved for special occasions like weddings and birthdays.  But in the 2010s they have come to life again on a more general basis. And to me, this is fabulous, because every day is a special occasion and one's style should in some way always reflect that.  Those bold and confident enough to make happiness a part of their everyday lives show strength in their fashion style and in that of their children. 

Embellishing your daughter's style with beautiful big hair bows doesn't mean that she has to be wearing an extravagant dress.  In fact today her hair bows should be paired with more casual attire.  A simple everyday dress, jeans, shorts, t-shirts, jerseys, and flannels are a perfect match.  And she should feel free to wear them anywhere she wants: to school, to play, and, yeah, even while camping.

Shopping for Big Hair Bows for your little girl

While you can make them yourself with a bit of practice and the right ribbons, there are many shops that specialize in these big hair bows and we have included some of those shops here.